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Isaac Doederlein Seminar BJJ
Isaac Doederlein Seminar

January 28th 2024 at BJJ Lab, Zurich Registration open Born in the US, Isaac Doederlein started training Judo when he was only 11 years old. In 2019 and 2023 he won first place in the CBJJ Brazilian Nationals as a black belt, which made him on of the very few americans to conquer this title.……

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Mayssa Bastos BJJ Seminar BJJ Lab
Mayssa Bastos Seminar

February 4th 2024 at BJJ Lab, Zurich REGISTRATION OPEN Born in Brazil and now living in New York, the legendary Mayssa Bastos is paying Switzerland a rare visit, and will hold a seminar at the BJJ Lab in Zurich. Mayssa is a 7x IBJJF Black Belt World Champion, so don’t miss this chance to learn…

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Adam Wardziński Seminar

What if I have any questions? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at Otherwise, see you on the mats!

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Espen Mathiesen BJJ Seminar Zürich
Espen Mathiesen Seminar

17-18 June 2023 in ZurichTWO DAYS – 4 CLASSES The Freehugs team is proud to look back on a great start of our ‘Be precise’ Seminar series – for which we invited one of the most technically skilled and competition-tested masterminds of modern day Jiu Jitsu to the BJJ Lab: Espen Math…

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