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august 27TH
bjj lab Zurich

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Adam Wardziński Seminar

What if I have any questions? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at Otherwise, see you on the mats!

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Espen Mathiesen BJJ Seminar Zürich

Espen Mathiesen Seminar

17-18 June 2023 in ZurichTWO DAYS – 4 CLASSES The Freehugs team is proud to look back on a great start of our ‘Be precise’ Seminar series – for which we invited one of the most technically skilled and competition-tested masterminds of modern day Jiu Jitsu to the BJJ Lab: Espen Math…

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Upcoming: Light-Weight Seminar

The next big thing we have planned is to get a prime selection of light-weight instructors, teachers and competitors. The seminar will focus on techniques that are most useful for our fellow light-weights. There are no more details yet, but we will keep you posted on developments.

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“The seminar was super organized! The procedure was clear from the beginning, Espen was super accommodating and nice. I personally thought it was cool that all participants met together for Limmat swimming and that this possibility was also organized – promotes the gym culture and team spirit. My only point of criticism – There was no acai :)”

– Oliver,
Espen Mathiesen Seminar 2023 participant

“I really liked the choice of Espen as a teacher – not only because he is successfull, but also because he explains really well and ads to a chill training athmosphere.”

– Philip,
Espen Mathiesen Seminar 2023 participant


For the start of the ‘Be precise’ Seminar series we invited one of the most technically skilled and competition-tested masterminds of modern day Jiu Jitsu: Espen Mathiesen.

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Prime location

The Seminar will be at the BJJ Lab in Zurich Oerlikon. Just 15 minutes from Zurich main station, it offers a lot of space, clean showers and a ton of daylight.

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Cool people

Everyone is welcome, no matter your affiliation, or skill level. We want you to be able to learn in a safe and chill environment, have fun and find new friends to choke out.

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